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Competition Spare Ribs

Our Background

Who We Are

Starting in 2011 as a food truck specializing in cupcakes, whoopie pies and cake pops, we have evolved over the years expanding our dessert offerings and incorporating our love and passion for BBQ and our history of competing on a national level. Tracy is a self taught baker establishing herself as a wiz at creating some extraordinary desserts and revising a ton of retro favorites. Big T is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who found a love for cooking BBQ in a parking lot and competing with some of the Countrys best Pitmasters. We try to always exceed your expectations and  we are 100% hands on every one of our events and special orders to ensure quality and consistency. 

Meet the Team

Much More Than Your Regular Chefs

Tracy and Tracey own, and run daily operations for all concepts under Pin-Up  Pastries LLC

**Pin-Up Pastries**


**CRUSH Raspados- Southwest Shaved Ice**

**Pin-Up Lemon Drops-Fresh Squeezed Lemonades**

Tracy & Tracey
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